2022 Initiative: Book Drive

OutWrite has started a book drive! Our initiative sprouts from a firm belief in the value of immersing in stories from a young age. Our own love of reading is what allowed many of us to become creative writers today, and it became important to us as we moved out of COVID-19 to give back this aspect of creative writing to our local communities. We are endeavoring to make this enrichment and love of reading available to elementary and middle school students of all populations and circumstances.
If you’d like to donate to the cause, please email us at aec.outwrite@gmail.com for more info!

We’ve given out 1000+ books already!

MIX Academy - Book Drive
OC Rescue Mission - Book Drive
Hands Together Santa Ana - Book Drive

In collaboration with:

OCSA Creative Writing

OCSA Creative Writing

OCSA California Scholarship Federation

OCSA California Scholarship Federation

Organizations we’ve worked with:

MIX Academy

Hands Together

Hands Together Santa Ana

OC Rescue Mission

Orange County
Rescue Mission